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Every day many people out there, enjoying their meal with this food-joint. They conduct their survey system just to know about the customer’s honest feedback and demands.

About Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a well-known USA based foodservice chain. The first Taco Bell restaurant opened, by Glenn Bell in the year of 1962. Initially, it opened with almost 350 restaurants and food-joints by 1970.

Later the company was sold off to PepsiCo, though the name and the service remained unchanged. Day by day it has grown an anchored place in the world of foodservice centers. Presently, it reaches almost 7000 locations throughout the world.

Taco Bell is renowned for its unique and delicious Tex-Mex recipes. It is a blend of Texas and Mexican flavors. Though it is popular for its taco recipes, it also offers finger-licking dishes like nachos, burritos to name a few.

A brief of TellTheBell

TellTheBell is an amazing customer survey officially conducted by Taco Bell. They ask the customers to join the survey and provide their valuable feedback. In this survey, they receive honest opinions that help them to improve the service of staff and products.

If you are a customer of the Taco bell you are likely to participate in the survey.

Rules & Conditions for the TellTheBell Survey

Large companies always follow certain rules for their future growth and progress. Taco Bell is no exception, it also has few rules. If you want to take part in the survey you must follow the rules and conditions.  The conditions are essential for conducting the survey.

Anybody cannot participate in this survey except the serious one. So for this, the company has set certain criteria. Those following conditions are-

If you want to participate you should be 18+ years old. This is the first criteria to conduct the survey. For this kind of sincere survey, only adults are allowed. The company has a faith that if the age bar is set then it will certainly increase the seriousness of the matter.

You must be a citizen of the USA and you should have the nationality of one of the states of the USA.

If you belong to any employee’s family and if you have any kind of intimate relationship with any employee, you cannot take part in the survey. There is a reason behind this rule. It can harm the company’s progress and also have difficulties to acquire the license.

You should know the English or the Spanish language. You would not be able to survey if you are not acquainted with these languages.

You must save the current receipt of your purchase. You should put the 16 digit numbers on the receipt to conduct the survey.

One should strictly follow all the rules to participate in the survey. Though there is also a chance to participate, by any chance you lose the receipt. Then you just need to enter the appropriate date, time, and the name of the food stop.

The Requirements for the TellTheBell Survey

Participation in the survey does not cost any charges. Even after the completion of the process, you will get rewarded.

To take part in this survey, just follow these given steps. That is-

Firstly, you need a Smartphone or computer, laptop, and good internet connection to start it. You can choose any browser on your device then. is the official page where you can directly access the page.

Then set the language version into your known language.

You need to enter the 16 digit survey code on the receipt on your last purchase. You make sure that the receipt would be more than 2 to 3 days older. In case you lose the receipt you should give the accurate time, date, and name of the restaurant.

After the click on the start button, a series of questions will be asked to you. You need to provide feedback on different grounds during the visit and honestly answer them.

Lastly, you need to join in sweepstakes. You can submit your personal information and contact details there.

After the completion of this survey, you will get a coupon as a reward. You can also earn 500 USD by participating in the survey. Anybody who is the buyer in Taco Bell restaurants can win the prize.

What is the Survey of Taco Bell is All About?

The entire procedure of the survey takes only a few minutes to complete. When you will participate in the survey you will understand that it only takes nominal time.

Only 15 questions will be given in the survey. And the questionnaire is all about decor, ambiance, hygiene, staff’s behavior, food quality, etc. The range of the questions comes with 1 to 5 ratings.

At the end of the survey, anybody can be eligible for a reward of 500 USD. For the method of the payment, you should give your details to the sweepstakes. Via sweepstakes, the company dispenses the winning amount to the winner.

This honest reviews and opinions are helpful for the company also. They will help them to find the base of the dissatisfaction and work on it.

Proof of the Taco Bell Winners

You can search for a list of the previous winners who have participated in the survey. You win the prize if you got selected. Every time 4 winners got rewarded once at a time. But there is one limitation; the 4 people should belong to the different households.

The winners of the prize are announced within a week and the payment is also made afterward, via sweepstakes.

To conclude, Taco Bell is one of the best food chain service nowadays. Yearly it serves around 2 to 3 million customers. The main purpose of this company is customer satisfaction and genuine reviews.

This popular self-made company has a big achievement story. Now it is ruling over various countries just because of its amazing service and products.

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